Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the stickers be removed without damaging the devices?

Our stickers can be removed without damaging your devices. If any traces of glue remain, they can be wiped off completely with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Who finds the adapted stickers most helpful?

Our high-visibility stickers are a popular solution for people with visual difficulties. Our products to support school and learning are also useful for remedial education. Our language products are for users who want to change the display language of their keyboard.

Are there specific instructions to follow for applying the stickers?

We recommend cleaning the application surface thoroughly before applying. Eyelash tweezers are ideal for precise, symmetrical application.

Do AbleSee products come with a guarantee?

Our stickers are strong and long-lasting and made to withstand frequent use and regular cleaning. However, our products come with no formal guarantee.

What is your refund policy?

Our stickers can only be returned or exchanged if they have not yet been applied. If so, a refund can be provided up to one month after purchase.

Do the stickers require any maintenance to ensure that they last?

No maintenance is required.

Can the stickers be applied to all types of keyboards?

Yes, the stickers have been designed to be applied to all keyboard sizes.