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High visibility

These stickers have large characters and contrasting colors to make keys easier to read. 

Have visual challenges or work in low-light environments? Our high-visibility stickers are the perfect solution. Make your typing experience more comfortable and increase your typing accuracy.Choose from a range of stickers adapted to your needs.

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Our practical and affordable keyboard stickers have clear, distinct characters and symbols that are easy to read. Use these stickers to personalize and adapt your keyboard in whatever language you use. We have a wide range of products to meet your specific needs for AZERTY, QWERTZ or QWERTY keyboards. Make typing easier, improve your productivity and increase your confidence with our keyboard stickers available in English, Canadian French, French from France and more.

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Helpful and practical

Make it easier to use your keyboard with stickers that show the shortcuts, functions and special symbols more clearly. Keyboard stickers can save you time and improve efficiency. Turn your keyboard into a powerful performance tool now!

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Learning support

Our keyboard stickers are a valuable tool for learning. With options like bright colors, colour division and typing technique support, users enjoy a simpler and more efficient keyboard experience. For helping students with special needs, to help with typing technique, and more: our sticker ranges are beneficial for all school levels.

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